U15 Skills Evaluations


Volunteers are needed so please click on this link or copy it into your browser to sign up: (House tryouts)



Sep. 19th 7:00pm & 8:30pm ARD EAST

Sep 19 Arc East 7:00pm

Group 1
Bahrynowski Tanner
Bass Datyn
Bell Cameron
Bernardin Charlie
Bilyk Jaret
Burge Keenan
Chafe Gage
Coffin Dylan
Dahlin Levi
Friesen Parker
Grenier Monaco Cole
Hamblin Veronica
Hanson Benjamin
Hantke Grayson
Henshall Quinton
Inkpen Logan
Joyce Connor
Kruger Logan
Labelle Riley
Lambertus Kailee
Marchand Carter
Huisman-Stewart Carter


Sep 19 Arc East 8:30pm

Group 2
Machuik Nathan
March Teya
Maron Parker
Mcewen Robbie
Mercredi Ethan
Perry Kyle
Ponciano Joseph
Rusinko John
Russell Alissa
Schaelow Zachary
Schreiber Nate
Sievers Coltin
Stoppler Sloan
Sutherland Ty
Tetzlaff Talyn
Thorne Noah
Thornton Silas
Wurster Evan
Marks Ben
Holt Caleb
Habib Adam


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