SMHA Jersey Deposit Policy

All players are required to submit a $250.00 jersey deposit cheque at the time of their evaluation skills session.

NOTE:  Level directors will not assign a player to a team until a properly dated jersey deposit cheque is received for that player.  Rec League players must submit a $250.00 jersey deposit cheque to the Team Manager at or before the team’s first scheduled team ice time.  Discovery and U-7 players must provide to their Team Manager a $250.00 jersey deposit cheque no later than November 1.  Jersey deposit cheques should be made payable to SMHA and dated March 31st of the current season.  The front of the jersey deposit cheque should clearly indicate the player's name and division.  Jersey deposit cheques will not be cashed unless the jersey is not returned on or before March 31st of the current season.  The jersey cheque will be destroyed once player jerseys are returned to SMHA provided the jerseys are returned on time.  If a jersey is returned after a jersey cheque has been cashed, SMHA will refund the amount of the jersey deposit.

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