AAA/AA Second Tryout Process

AAA Second Tryout Request Process

(For U18 AAA, U17 AAA, U16 AAA and U15 AAA only)

To arrange for a second tryout, please contact the Host MHA. Once the second tryout has been granted, complete and submit this Waiver Form.  Please be sure to list your Resident MHA Email as


AA Second Tryout Request Process


Upon release from your local AA team, players are eligible for a second tryout with another AA team As per the Hockey Alberta AA Model guidelines.  If approved, a player on a second tryout must be evaluated for a minimum of two (2) ice times and it must be determined as to whether or not the player has made the team by October 1st.  Please keep in contact with your local MHA as some associations may form their house teams prior to October 1st.


PLEASE NOTE: The NAHL league (U13, U15, U18) can only grant second tryouts for players who are registered with a local MHA/Club outside the Hockey Edmonton Boundaries.  For U15 and U18 players who live inside Hockey Edmonton Boundaries (CAC, KC, MLAC, SSAC) please click on this link.  For all U13 players who live inside Hockey Edmonton Boundaries (KC, NEZ, NWZ, Serra, SWZ) contact your association.


Should a player choose to pursue a second AA tryout, follow these steps:


  • Second AA tryout requests must go through the NAHL VP Discipline for your respective division. Contact the VP Discipline to inquire if any AA Associations have openings for second tryouts.


U13: Warren Williams – 780-940-2997 –

U15: Pat Doyle – 780-446-7574 –

U18: Doug Petruk – 780-608-0585 –


  • If there is opportunity for a second AA tryout, parents must contact their local Minor hockey association to inform them of their intention. Parents must fill out the Hockey Alberta AA Hockey Notification of Try-Out form Ensure you have completed and received all the signatures in the Player Information, Try-Out Information, and Authorized Signatures sections. Forward the completed form to the appropriate VP (U13, U15 or U18) listed in point 1.


  • The NAHL VP Discipline will review and provide contact information if there is a AA Association/Club available to host you for your second tryout. Contact the 2nd tryout representative to introduce yourself and confirm your placement in an upcoming evaluation session.




Second Try-Out Recruitment Area name- This is the Association/Club in point #3. Fill this area in with the information as advised by the league VP. Parents cannot just fill in this area with where they want to go for a second tryout.

Resident MHA President Name- This is your home association. It may or may not be the same association where you did your first tryout.

Resident AA Recruitment Area President Name- This is the Association/Club where you had your first tryout. If your first tryout was with your resident LMHA, this is not required. If your home association was not where you had your first tryout (you streamed to another association/club for AA tryouts) this must be filled out and signed.

Second Try-out AA Recruitment Area President Name- This is the Association/Club President that the VP has sent you to in point #3 for your second tryout.

League President Name- will be filled out and singed by appropriate NAHL VP, only after all the above is completed.

It is the parent’s responsibility to get the signatures for points 4(B),4(C) and 4(D).  Once they are completed forward this form to the appropriate the NAHL VP who will sign 4 (E) and return the form.




If you are not successful with your second tryout, you will return to your local minor hockey association.

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