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The 2017/2018 hockey season will see the implementation of two new forms specific to the AA Hockey Model, while two current Minor Hockey forms have been amended to reflect recent changes. The two new forms are the “AA Player Movement Application Form” and “AA Notification of Try-out Form”, while the “Minor Hockey Player Movement Form” and “Minor Hockey Overage Players Policy” have been amended.

Click on the following link to find out more about the AA Hockey model.  AA Hockey Model

The “AA Player Movement Application Form” will be used for players who are seeking their first AA tryout with a recruitment area team that is not considered their resident recruitment area team. The application process will be similar to the one currently used for Elite Player Movement Applications. Deadlines for applications will be August 1st of the new season, with decisions made by September 1st by Hockey Alberta’s Player Movement Review Committee.

The “AA Notification of Try-out Form” will be used by all players who attend a AA try-out with their resident AA recruitment area team. The AA NTO also contains a section pertaining to second try- outs. Should a player not be selected for their resident AA recruitment area team and would like to request a second try-out with another AA recruitment area, they will be required to obtain the signatures required under the “Second Try-Out Information” section. Once signatures are obtained, second try-out requests are sent to the appropriate League for consideration.

With the implementation of the two new forms within the AA Hockey Model, Hockey Alberta’s “Minor Hockey Player Movement Form” has been amended. Amendments to the “Minor Hockey Player Movement Form” include the removal of the option “I would like to try-out for a AA team” and the rewording of the option “My Resident Association and this Association have joined together to form a team”. Additionally, information on carryover suspensions has been added.

Lastly, significant changes have been made to the “Minor Hockey Overage Players Policy.” Changes to the policy include a more defined process for approval and a revised, more specific criterion for applying players to meet. Approved overage players will now be eligible for participation in Hockey Alberta’s Provincial Championships and will be granted the ability to affiliate to a team of a higher division or category for the purposes of skill evaluation to a maximum of five games.

Please ensure that the new, updated forms are used and are linked to your association’s website if applicable.

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